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We are all in this together. Let’s get out of this together
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Protect your family with Liore’s natural cork masks.

We are all in this together. Let’s get out of this together
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Anti Microbial

Cork has anti-microbial properties and has been shown to eliminate certain bacteria like E. Coli and Taphylococcus Aureus by almost 100%


Cork does not absorb dust, so is ideal for use by people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Those who wear our masks are likely to experience a significant reduction in allergy symptoms while wearing the mask.

Light Weight

About 90% of the volume of cork is occupied by air enclosed in the micro-cells of cork. This enclosed air constitutes about 50% of its weight. This makes cork a lightweight material, about five times lighter than water.


Cork is just as durable as leather and has a high friction coefficient, so it will survive repeated impact or rubbing extremely well.


Cork cannot absorb water and mold does not grow on cork.

Eco- Friendly

The Cork trees that are used to make our products are never cut down. The bark of the tree is simply stripped every nine years and continues to regrow. There are no chemicals or toxins used in our products.


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