About Liore’s Premium Cork

At Liore’s, we value sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. There’s no denying we live in a society that favors trendy fashion and the constant replacement of goods. But at Liore’s, we’ve gone against the grain and are proud of our earth-friendly values. We value fashion that is crafted to last and withstanding multiple years of use. We value fashion that can support our mission of eco-responsibility. 

How do we do this?

Through our strict product sourcing guidelines, of course. At Liore’s you’ll find products that are made from 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. It is our commitment to ensure that we are actively working to preserve earth’s raw materials. Currently, our collections are crafted from the finest, premium cork available. Yes, you read that correctly – cork. 

When it comes to fashion, cork may not be something you’re familiar with, so let us explain why cork will become your new favorite sustainable material. All of the cork used in Liore’s products are of the finest grade and sourced directly from southern Portugal. Cork is vegan, making it an excellent cruelty-free, leather-alternative. Cork is a natural product that is known for its durability, water-resistance, lightweight feel, and its ultra smooth finish. Cork is resistant to fire, due to a property called suberin. Basically, if you care about quality, long lasting products, you should consider cork as your top pick for your eco-friendly fashion accessories. 

You may be wondering, “Does Liore’s sacrifice style in order to create an eco-friendly product?”  Absolutely not! Along with our commitment to the planet, we are strongly committed to providing our customers with the most fashion-forward, luxury products available on the market. Unlike other eco-friendly brands, our products are anything but bland. Our products are luxe, handcrafted pieces of art that are bound to stand out against the crowd. Not to mention, handcrafted products such as every Liore’s creation is a unique fashion piece – a difficult task to accomplish today in a trend driven society.

If you’re someone who wishes to own a luxurious fashion accessory, while supporting a company that holds strong, cruelty-free and sustainability values, then we know you’ll enjoy Liore’s premium cork products. We invite you to browse through our collections and please feel free to contact us and ask questions. To contribute to a healthier planet while maintaining an amazing fashion sense, consider adding a Liore’s cork handbag, wallet, or cork jewelry to your collection. Thanks to the durability that is cork, we know you’ll treasure this luxurious purchase for many years. 

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